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Karavaev E.F.

Karavaev:  My thoughts about the psychological and physiological foundation of philosophical thinking are concerned with the problem of establishing culturology as a hard science….

Karavaev E.F.

I believe that culturology has come to a new period of its development – a mature period. This period requires thinking on its natural science foundation. Why natural science? …. Social processes always have a natural science basis. For example, W. Wund at the end of the 19th Century demonstrates the possibilities of psychology as an experimental science. My idea is concerned with developing the natural science foundation of culturology.

Lipskiy: When you talk of culturology as hard science does it mean you suggest putting culturological or cultural phenomena in the following causal row: cause, action and results, or this chain is broken till infinity?

Karavaev: No, I am talking about the natural science foundation of culturology. A foundation is not something necessary, but sufficient, i.e. a foundation, if we use hard exact terminology, is not cause, but one of the necessary conditions. When a system becomes complicated, new factors appear, these factors did not exist at previous levels.


Lipskiy B.I.

O strogosti kulturologicheskogo znaniia / Materialy kruglogo stola. Mezhdunarodnaia nauchnaia konferenciia: Kulturologiia kak strogaia nauka. S.Peterburg, 25-27 sentiabria 2003 g. // Kulturologicheskie chteniia: Naychno-tepreticheskii almanakh / Iu.N.Solonin, A.-K.Zabulionite, L.A.Ornatskaia. – SPb., 2005. P. 142 – 143.

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