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Karmin A.S


It seems to me that if culturology would like to be a science, it should be based on the principles common to any science. It should have not only an empirical (phenomenological, descriptive), but a theoretical level. Culturology as theory would appear in cases when we do not attempt to describe culture as a whole, but in cases where we build up some simple model as physics does when it builds models of ideal gas. This model does not describe all gases at once. And culturology does not describe all cultures, but presents them in terms of a simple model (a model of ideal culture). Describing this model theory will be approximate as any theory. It won’t be adequate to life, it should be correct in accordance with separate cultural phenomena or a separate national culture. I am establishing this model. So when I say that I am engaged in culturology, I am engaged in science. 


O strogosti kulturologicheskogo znaniia / Materialy kruglogo stola. Mezhdunarodnaia nauchnaia konferenciia: Kulturologiia kak strogaia nauka. S.Peterburg, 25-27 sentiabria 2003 g. // Kulturologicheskie chteniia: Naychno-tepreticheskii almanakh / Iu.N.Solonin, A.-K.Zabulionite, L.A.Ornatskaia. – SPb., 2005. P. 148 – 149.

Karmin A.S

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