Fundamental Culturology Centre

O strogosti kulturologicheskogo znaniia / Materialy kruglogo stola. Mezhdunarodnaia nauchnaia konferenciia: Kulturologiia kak strogaia nauka. S.Peterburg, 25-27 sentiabria 2003 g. // Kulturologicheskie chteniia: Naychno-tepreticheskii almanakh / Iu.N.Solonin, A.-K.Zabulionite, L.A.Ornatskaia. – SPb., 2005. P. 143 – 144.  

Slinin V.A.


…I do not specialize in the sphere of culturology, but I am interested in questions of its exactness and non-exactness. It is well known that science from the time of the New Ages has developed some methodological criteria for the demarcation of scientific knowledge from non-scientific knowledge. The first criterion and the main criterion is verification. Foma Akvinskiy said: scientific is that which any person creating an experiment could repeat ().

The second criterion is the quantitative method. Exactness of calculation and formulas. These criteria were confirmed in the time of New Ages. One could add to them the criterion of scientific terms which have monosemantic meanings. Of course, it is not ideal: it is impossible to verify all facts in any science.

….Humanities are sciences too. I have an opinion that non-exact sciences are no worthier than exact (hard) science. In the theoretical and practical sense the results reached by hard sciences have the same important meaning for mankind as results reached by non-hard sciences.