Fundamental Culturology Centre

Gusev S.S

If one speaks about criteria of exactness, for me it means first of all monosemantic use of terms within the boundaries of a discipline. If this is not achieved, then we have not got exactness. Culturology appears when scientific knowledge reaches the meta-scientific level. But then it is better to remember not T. Kuhn or P. Feyerabend, but D. Holton with his “Thematic analysis of science”. Here the notion of the methodological discovery of science is connected with these coordinates, which include culture and the person. But the fundamental aim of culturology should be the appearance, functioning and interrelations of norms which regulate human activity in different spheres. Scientific prognostication is possible only in this case. I agree that prognostication is the most important function of science.



O strogosti kulturologicheskogo znaniia / Materialy kruglogo stola. Mezhdunarodnaia nauchnaia konferenciia: Kulturologiia kak strogaia nauka. S.Peterburg, 25-27 sentiabria 2003 g. // Kulturologicheskie chteniia: Naychno-tepreticheskii almanakh / Iu.N.Solonin, A.-K.Zabulionite, L.A.Ornatskaia. – SPb., 2005. P.. 151 – 152.