Fundamental Culturology Centre

Kagan M.S

About the structure of cultural studies:

I see the solution of the problem in question in dividing two similar notions – “culturology” and “cultural studies”. Cultural studies includes the wider field of the cognitive and philosophical (philosophy of culture), specifically academic cultural studies (studies of monuments of culture, works of art, studies of literature, etc.). Referring to the terminology of the new-Kantains philosophers, then cultural studies includes the entire block of cultural studies. And the specificity of culturology is manifested in the presentation of a culture as a whole (), so that the main problems of this science are the following: problems of connections, interrelations of arts, science, morals, technique, etc. Culturology is a science on the formation, function and historical development of culture, as it is as a mode of existence of mankind, which is differentiated from the existence of other living beings.


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