Fundamental Culturology Centre


If one contemplates the possibility of assessing the scientific exactness of culturological knowledge, then several general questions will arise. These questions are the following:
i) The question of culturological reality, of existing scientific experience and traditions.

ii). Questions about the disciplinary structure of culturology, about the nature of the specifics of its terminology.

Shilkov J.M  


iii) Specification of social-historical dimensions of culture supposes investigation of the ideals, norms and values of the definition of exactness (including its logical methodological foundation).





There is no doubt that the exact position of culturology presupposes its philosophical explication as a subject of reflection. I would like to make clear the priority of key culturological categories in terms of the diversity of culturological disciplines. Because, on the one hand, the transcendental foundation of culturology reinforces its methodological position in terms of empirical knowledge about culture. On the other hand, neglect of a common methodological explication of culturological knowledge leads to an erosion of its specificity in separate empirical disciplines.



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